[Halvm-devel] HaLVM 2.0 Developer's Release

Adam Wick awick at galois.com
Fri Oct 18 14:38:25 PDT 2013

Howdy all -

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the HaLVM 2.0 Developer's Release. In it, you will find:

  * GHC 7.8 support
  * Threaded RTS support
  * SMP HaLVM support
  * 0-copy networking support (ish)
  * Much more sensible library APIs
  * Much improved compatibility with existing libraries.

The developer's release is presently 64-bit only, and has only been tested with Fedora 19. In addition, there are a number of known issues and crashing bugs. However, it's now at the point at which we would love to see some of the new features exercised, and perhaps get some community help in filling in the gaps still left. If you're interested, please download it and try it out. We'd love feedback, and we'd love patches even more.

The 2.0 DR is now the master branch on GitHub. Please see the GitHub page for information about how to clone and build it:


Some background on the HaLVM, and some hints for HaLVM development can be found on the wiki:


(the wiki is another place that could use some community love …)

Finally, our existing known issues are listed here:


Please add your own bug reports there.

As always, thank you for your interest in the HaLVM. I hope you like the new directions and updates!

- Adam

P.S. I will be at the Xen Developer Summit next week (October 23rd & 24th, 2013) in Edinburgh. If you're there for the Xen Summit or any of the other Summits in town, come find me, and let's chat about the HaLVM.
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