[Halvm-devel] HaLVM Updates

Adam Wick awick at galois.com
Thu Mar 15 14:24:17 PDT 2012

Well hi -

Long time since we talked about the HaLVM. But, hidden in our secret
HaLVM tower located deep in the halls of Galois, we have been tinkering
away ...

Those of you who breathlessly watch the git tree will have noticed this
already, but we've been working hard on modernizing both the HaLVM and
its build environment. To wit:

- The HaLVM now supports 64-bit execution. Wow, so many bits!
- The HaLVM now builds and runs on stock Fedora 16. That's right: Get
Fedora, yum install xen, build the HaLVM, build your HaLVM programs, and
then run them! It's pretty cool.

Only downside of the latter: Fedora doesn't build with debugging support
enabled. However, judicious use of source RPMs, a quick edit to the
Fedora SPEC file, and you're ready to go. Pretty easy!

In highly related news, we've also been making some pretty big
improvements to Hans, the Haskell Network Stack, available at a Hackage
near you. We also have some internal improvements (actually, a pretty
complete rewrite) of the Halfs file system. If you're interested in
Halfs, please email me; I'm trying to judge outside interest in this
library, as it will require a little dusting off and polishing before

That's all! As always, patches are welcomed and appreciated!

- Adam

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